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Widgets For The PlayStation Move

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Widgets For The PlayStation Move

Every once in a while a game comes along that will force you to have a complete new way to play a game. Such was the case when the PS3 Move was introduced to the gaming world. Unlike the standard move, the PS3 Move uses motion-sensing to create a virtual movement for the player to mimic. This is done in a very precise manner across a wide variety of titles. In this article I will share with you some of the latest PS3 Move compatible games so that you can get an idea of the types of interaction you can have when playing these types games.

Common titles that use the system’s motion sensors are the baseball, football, and hockey games. writ large, these games can utilize up to four players to create a total of 8-player games in a variety of leagues such as the NFL, MLB, as well as the NHL. What is new to these games is that they can make you participate in games from a first person perspective as well. Think of a game in which you have to swing your controller like a bat to hit a ball. Move your controller like a racquet to serve a tennis ball to your opponent. Yet another way to play like a true opponent and prove your ultimate game-play mastery.

Some of the latest move games to hit the stores are Grand Slam Tennis, Grand Slam Swerve, and Holiday Party. Each of these offer a simple, yet fun platform for anyone to enjoy. All of the games use the motion sensor’s superior functions to add an entire new level of play right in front of all your friends.

investigations into the new PS3 Move start with motion sensor technology. This is the motion sensors technology that was first introduced in the PS3, with the use of which you can have unparalleled controller motion Confederacy straight from the start. Using this motion sensor also adds a dynamic element to the games that traditional game controllers would never be able to provide. By making you feel as though you are really playing the game you are playing.

Some of the latest PS3 Move compatible titles include Silent Scope Zero. A first-person shooting type game, Silent Scope zero allows you to “zap” enemies using a variety of shooting weapons. Because it has the most accurate aiming LED’s of any of the hunting games or action games available for the PS3. The game also gives you the option to aim using left or right. Or with a certain movement. It’s all up to the level of detail that you want in the game.


Another popular PS3 Move compatible game is Dead Space Extraction. This is a thriller where you get to “extract” an enemy from space… Killing the enemies isn’t as easy as it sounds. You first have to lock on to the alien using your motion sensor. You then must use the right trigger to steady your aim as you put it into the shooter. It’s as simple as that. Then you must fire the trigger and watch the laser hit the sensor. Be careful not to fire when you don’t want to damage your sensor. Once your laser hits a target it starts buzzing and the alien vanishes. There are many other awesome shooting games for the PS3 that can be found at link gaming sites. สล็อตเว็บตรง

For those of you who want to see some amazing graphics, check out the PS3 Move Games. These allow you to get involved in many- many action sequences. From fighting bordellos to saving faire websites, and even taking over a wild
planed city, you can come up with a host of different wild inventions that will totally blow your mind. Believe us when we say that these games are really one in the swore an the top 10 most intense games you can play for the Move.

As you continue to look for the perfect PS3 accessories, you will discover an entire new variety of games playing in various genres, tapping into a huge variety of human emotions. Play one of these games with a Move controller and you will definitely become an instant winner because of the extreme Levels of reaction time and precision. Think about it. A few decades ago, these types of games were incredibly innovative and advanced but these days you have even more choices with an endless supply of innovative games. It’s no problem finding 20 action packed games out there to choose from and get lost in. Is that the fun part of playing with the PlayStation Move. That or playing one of the many brains dead games that are available for the system. Our suggestion is that you get one of these games now and really get into the action. Only the PS3 Move controller gives you this kind of hand eye coordination.