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Home » 5 Easy-To-Plan And Fun Things To Do With Kids In Red River, New Mexico

5 Easy-To-Plan And Fun Things To Do With Kids In Red River, New Mexico

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5 Easy-To-Plan And Fun Things To Do With Kids In Red River, New Mexico

When it comes to traveling with kids, there is an ever-urgent sense of dread by some parents at possibly not having enough for the kids to do. The thing to remember, though, is that you’re traveling with the kids & having a family vacation, and this is where Red River, New Mexico brightly shines. Instead of thinking of things for the kids to do to get out of your hair, Red River has designed itself to be an all-inclusive family fun zone.

Situated in the Rockies and part of Carson National Forest, this inspiring city showcases the natural beauty of the country and uses its beautiful terrain to offer some of the best kid-friendly entertainment around. Here are five things you definitely don’t want to miss doing!

See Red River Zoo.There is a massive range of attractions for the kids in Red River, all of which can be easily accessed within the city’s city limits. If you’re looking for something a little different than what the kids normally get to enjoy, visiting the Red River Zoo is a great way to let them run their circles and discover their natural habitats in a hands-on manner. Their animal exhibits are a top choice for kids hungry for titillating nature looks and for inspiration to hatch their own ideas of what looks cool and worthy. Red River’s zoo houses many other animals too, such as the Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian white rhinoceros, making it a great destination for family picnics and fun runs. There is also a lizard garden and serpentarium on site, and kids will enjoy wandering around these exhibits and learning more about the animals that dwell within.

Take a Safari.Easily accessible from the Red River Zoo’s premises, there are a couple of privately owned sites in the back grounds of the zoo that can give families a taste of Africa in a totally new setting. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, these safaris can result in a reality-check moment of ‘are we there yet?’ kind of feeling. With rides such as the Gorilla Habitat and Wilde Buggy trails, the Gorilla trail is a great place to bring younger children that can’t wait to see the ‘famous’ animals and can’t wait to get to them.

Have a fishy feast.The Red River Zoo has a ‘fishy feast’ Thursdays through Saturdays from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Families can dig in to massive bowls of catch, with waiters leading them around the tables for more than an hour while chefs in the kitchen create a yoghurt and salad sandwich that everyone has to enjoy.

Indulge the children in a sporty activity.During the school holiday period, the Beaches & Mountains club offers parents a laid-back programme of activities with their children. Instead of football or rugby matches, a range of contact sports can be beneficial including swimming and surfing. There is also the chance to learn how to ride a bike safely.

The Red River Ski & Snowboard Club offers fun for the whole family.Children can partake in snowboarding or snowmobiling lessons, go downhill for some skiing, and burn off those extra calories with a few days of hiking in the hills.mothers, can go off on their own on some exciting snow sports trips for the whole family.


Pick a fruit- steadying beverage.After every meal guests are encouraged to share an ice-cold glass of fruit-selcey beverage. It’s perfect after chowing down on a huge plate of steak or chicken you’re sick of eating.

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There’s no harm in rewarding good boys and girls with a treat! And since the petting zoo’s first year-round animal is the delightful playful Bouvier’s hound, that’s definitely something you can look forward to. As guests collect houndies from their Kanawha River habitat, they return them to the Keep in a cage within the facility. Hounds will be good-natured and house-able for many years to come.

The Zoo offers a cheesy touch. Babies are cradled in the Otter Creek waterbag, and little boys and girls will get a kick out of seeing the zoo’s Peanuts Abbey. For visitors with kids, there are a number of animal shows and petting experiences, and a small theater on site.

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The Red River Resort Wilderness Lodge in Skagway,Wailua, and Yachats are some of the most luxurious lodges in the world.